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Being a part of business community is important - especially in a small community like Kaslo. We are proud to be a member of, and affiliated with, the following associations in our local and provincial business communities:

Logo of the Kaslo Chamber of Commerce

The Kaslo Chamber of Commerce

Our local Chamber of Commerce supports and promotes the well-being of our area's business communities. They do this by encouraging partnerships and collaboration, providing opportunities for networking and community involvement, professional growth, and advocating for members at the provincial level to make sure our priorities and concerns are heard.

Logo of Nelson and Kootenay Lake Tourism

Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism

We live in an incredible and unique ecosystem in British Columbia: the inland temperate rainforest. The Nelson and Kootenay Lake Tourism site highlights some of the best parts of what makes our corner of the Province special. If you are visiting our area and you're taking photos, you can show off some of your memories by taking part in #FindingAwesome on Instagram.

Logo of the BC Food and Beverage Association

BC Food and Beverage

BC Food and Beverage (formerly the BC Food Processor's Association) is a not-for-profit industry association that represents food and beverage manufacturers, like us, in BC.


Logo of the Canadian Health Food Association.

The Canadian Health Food Association

This organization is Canada's largest trade association dedicated to natural health and organic products. They represent members like us, who are dedicated to helping Canadians live happier, healthier lives.

Logo of the Small Scale Food Processor AssociationSmall Scale Food Processor Association

Kaslo Sourdough is happy to be part of the small scale food processor community. Connecting us all, the Small Scale Food Processor Association provides information about courses and funding opportunities local to our Province. They are a great resource for local businesses.

Support comes in many shapes and forms. As a member of the associations listed above, we're grateful for all the support we've received. Over the years, that's been letters of support, networking opportunities, identifying funding opportunities, or other resources. That generosity from the business community motivates us to give back and share some of our expertise when we can. Thank you for contributing to our success! We love this area and being a part of the food production community!

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