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"My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." - Forrest Gump

We've been thinking and talking about small joys this month. And that quote from the 1994 movie Forrest Gump came up in the discussion. It speaks to the unpredictability of life, and it also says something about how to deal with uncertainty. After all, we might not know what chocolate we're going to get (orange, hazelnut ganache, coconut?), but it's still chocolate.

Joy with Sourdough Pasta

So, small joys. These might include a good night's sleep. Stooping to smell the roses in the garden. Sunning yourself while enjoying a few pages of a thrilling novel. Solving a tricky Sudoku. Seeing a baby smile. Or, something that we treasure quite often in our families: sitting in front of a fresh bowl of steaming hot pasta (or bowl of freshly made pasta salad now that it is summer!) that brings everyone together.

Sometimes we keep it super simple: just a little bit of butter and salt. Sometimes with some fresh herbs. And sometimes it's an elaborate meal that takes quite a bit of planning to undertake because it is for a special occasion.

No matter how it's done, we've been enjoying many a bowl of pasta with beloved company for years now. The melted cheese. The fresh zest of basil from the garden. The texture of a perfectly cooked noodle. The tang of a roasted tomato. So much yum at the table. If you want any ideas for how to make yourself an amazing bowl of pasta, you can always visit our recipes.


Find your small joys

With this summer full of many things we could be worried about, we  encourage you to find your bowl of pasta (or proverbial box of chocolates). Find that thing that helps you just sit in the present moment, take a pause and a deep breath, and soak in the joy that should be a part of life.

We are better people when we have these small moments of joy in our days.

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