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Below are some of the research articles in our Sourdough Archives on various topics you may find interesting! Many of these articles are from researchers at universities across the world. We like to keep up on some of the latest science, and there is always new research coming out. We've been really happy to see sourdough get more attention in recent years. There was a time sourdough really wasn't very popular!

There are a lot of ways to learn and research. The Sourdough Archives also includes a library of physical books that we keep in our home office. Some are the expected classics like the Handbook of Sourdough Biotechnology by editors Marco Gobbetti and Michael Gaenzle, and others are a bit harder to find.

We know that some of the language of science can be hard to understand. If you have questions about some of the sourdough research below, let us know. We are happy to help. The article below cover a lot of different topics. Sourdough and celiac disease. Sourdough and shelf life. Fermentation and gut health. Sourdough and gluten. There is a lot to read and understand!

Did you come across an article that you think we should know about? Send us an email! 

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