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Experience the Flavours of Kaslo Sourdough

Share a healthy meal with your loved ones.

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Pasta Fermentata is a revolutionary new culinary experience with exceptional flavour, superior texture and digestive properties.

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Experience the Flavours of Kaslo Sourdough

We are here to set the new standard for Pasta

Here is the sourdough pasta you can share! Pasta Fermentata is a delicious, easy-to-digest, and highly nutritious alternative to regular wheat pasta.

Our sourdough pasta is traditional in that we take inspiration from the age-old practice of fermentation to make sourdough bread. Our innovative fermented pasta is the first of its kind to be commercially available worldwide. Gather your family and friends and enjoy the healthy goodness of Pasta Fermentata.

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If you have yet to taste our fermented sourdough pasta, now’s the time to do it! Try our powerhouse hemp, nutty quinoa, or our traditional the Classic.
We know that you’ll love them!


Our twelve flavours of traditional sourdough pasta make for delicious recipes. Pasta lovers, you don’t want to miss this!

We love to experiment with sourdough pasta recipes and discover new combinations that tease the taste buds. Our friends in the industry, chefs, health nutritionists do too, and share their “secret” cooking tips — all featuring Pasta Fermentata.

Whether you want to use sourdough pasta for comfort food like mac and cheese or a more involved twist on chicken curry noodle soup to impress your mom, you’ll be licking flavour off your lips and fingertips.

Shake out that apron, take out the chopping board, and get your spatula ready. Your next favourite dish could be a few clicks away.

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