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Wholesale Sourdough Pasta for Health-food Outlets

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Nutrition-Oriented Wholesaling

Earn a reputation as a reliable source of gourmet sourdough pasta in your locale. Pasta Fermentata, the world’s first commercially-available sourdough pasta, is available to purchase for wholesale. We supply to stores, groceries, and other establishments that wish to carry our sourdough pastas.

We deliver wholesale sourdough pasta all the way across North America. We look forward to finding partners who share our passion for providing families and communities with a healthier pasta option.

With Pasta Fermentata, everyone gets to enjoy pasta!

Why Go Sourdough?

Building a brand that promotes healthy living is not easy. You need to be consistent and committed to your pledge of providing healthy food options — and your efforts need to show. Healthy eaters frequently check food labels and nutrition facts. They want to be sure the food they’ll eat is indeed healthy and made with wholesome ingredients.

When it comes to pasta, the regular wheat variety won’t cut it because you might have customers who are wheat-intolerant (they lack enzymes necessary for digesting wheat). Instead of losing out on those potential customers, satisfy their craving with Pasta Fermentata. Buy wholesale sourdough pasta, and you can capture this particular market.

Please your most health-conscious customers with Pasta Fermentata.

Our Pasta

Offer your customers a brand of pasta that they can confidently share with everyone they love and know. Our products are made to be shared and enjoyed with family and friends.

Pasta Fermentata by Kaslo Sourdough is made with a natural sourdough bacterial culture. It more flavourful and is easier to digest than regular commercial pasta and wheat products. As an alternative to conventional pasta, it offers more nutritional benefits than the standard fare it replaces.

We offer 12 flour combinations and wheat varieties. For more information, Kaslo Sourdough Pasta - Sell Sheet.

sourdough pasta shelf

Here’s what customers have been saying about our sourdough pasta:

"We have changed our household diet to the Sourdough pasta products. Our little girl had been having dietary problems with regular wheat pastas. When we tried this, the symptoms went away immediately and she loves it! For us, the value of a child that can eat without pain or discomfort is worth any price. Thank you for producing such a great product and please keep it up!" - Kevin S., Red Deer AB

"Having been in the service industry for years, consumed loads of pasta this is by far the best ever." - Ian Y., Edmonton AB

"LOVE this pasta!!" - Becca M., Fernie BC

Offer your customers healthy pasta options, and they’ll love you even more.

Your next best-seller could be right here at Kaslo Sourdough. Get in touch with us by email: tania(at) or phone 250-353-7656 for more information on wholesale pricing.

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