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Testimonial Submissions

I wanted to send you a massive THANK YOU for allowing me to fall back in love with pasta again. I have had a gluten intolerance for most of my life, and unfortunately most pasta nights included my soggy rice pasta. That is until I found your pasta. I have been able to eat sourdough products and decided to try your pasta, and I think I said "mmm, yum!" with every bite. No more stomach pains or soggy noodles! I appreciate the work you are doing, and the amazing products that you are bringing to those of us that aren't on the best terms with normal wheat products. I have all my family and friends eating your delicious pasta, and there is no going back now! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to enjoy a big bowl of pasta. I will forever be a lifelong customer!  - Sophia.S

I was thrilled to discover your pasta is made with natural yeast! It has enabled my husband, who is diabetic, to be able to enjoy pasta again without experiencing an adverse impact on his blood sugar. Thank you for incorporating some organic ingredients into your products. I also appreciate the fact your products are non-GMO.  - Nancy B. Washington, USA

We are in love with your pasta!!! So happy to be able to have it shipped directly to me as well. Thank you very much for what you do!   - Sue H. Sturgeon County, AB

I wanted to bring your attention how much I love your pasta. I started eating your pasta at my daughters in the Kootenays. It is a great product and the best pasta I have ever eaten on top of being so healthy. I will continue to purchase your pasta and will enjoy all your recipes.  - Lesley.S. Pender Island, BC

I have Lyme disease which makes it impossible to eat regular pasta. Your sourdough pasta has made it enjoyable to eat one of my favorite dishes. Your pasta is delicious and rivals up there with the best bronze cut pastas from Italy.  My brother and niece both have Chrons disease so I have sent them your pasta to try since gluten is a problem for them as well. My significant other is from Italy and a pasta snob.  He is sold on your pasta too. Thank you so much for this wonderful pasta.  - Susan R. Advance, NC USA 

I just want to say how amazing your pastas are! I usually avoid eating pasta because of the awful after effects, bloating, lethargy, heavy stomach.. I made a dish using your Linguini, both my husband and I waited for that post-pasta feeling....and nothing happened! Such a pleasure to eat pasta again knowing there will be no dreadful after effects!!  - Karen.M

Our family loves Kaslo sourdough, It’s the best tasting pasta on the planet! We raved about your products to all our family and friends. I’d also like to mention how easy Kaslo sourdough pasta is to digest. It tastes so good that I’ve just gobbled it up before even adding pasta sauce or cheese! It would make for great finger food for toddlers! More people need to try Kaslo sourdough pasta! They are missing out!  - Kate P. Port Alberni, BC

I am an ardent fan of local made local grown food and products. Since that first meal [of pasta], we have tried all the varieties that are available at Save On Foods. I won't have anything else in my cupboard! All the pasta I had in my cold room has been passed along and replaced with yours. As I get older, I have found that I must be a little more careful of what I eat. No issues with this product at all, now able to enjoy a good feel of pasta again. Thanks for making a great product, I tell everyone how good it is. No more upset stomachs around it 🙂 Great job, great product.  - Sue F. Lethbridge, AB

We NEVER feel bloated after eating this, Pasta. But it's health benefits for folks with food sensitivities is amazing to have a fermented pasta product available. Grateful!!  - Jenny.L Minnesota

The BEST spaghetti around – my whole family was thrilled when you started making spaghetti! Like all of your other pastas – it levels up our pasta nights!  - Amanda V. Nelson, BC

I’m gluten intolerant, but I can eat your sourdough pasta. I had C.diff [Clostridioides difficile] in 2007, and it destroyed my microbiome, leaving me unable to digest a lot of foods, including gluten and lactose. At one point I weighed only 100 pounds, and was having trouble keeping weight on. It’s a whole new world for me being able to eat pasta again!  BIG THANK YOU!!!  - Tamra S-H 

I love Kaslo Sourdough Pasta when my order arrives it's like Christmas. I've given friends and family a package to try it out. It's the only pasta I can have as it doesn't bother my stomach. I've even told restaurants about it as well. Thank You!!  - Sylvie.M Chilliwack, BC

We just cooked the spaghetti and were blown away. It is, I think the best of the sourdough pastas. The texture and flavour of the noodle was incredible!!!  - Laura E. Vancouver, BC

Hi this is a fan letter to say we love your bread. Every time we get adventurous and try another bread we spend a lot of time comparing it to yours and noticing how it falls way short. I even quit making my own bread because my family much preferred yours (although my bread was good). Our favourite is the sunflower flax and my son is very fond of the pasta as well and takes several bags with him when he goes home to Vancouver. Thanks for your commitment to great food and using local products as much as possible. I hope you flourish and Kaslo Sourdough is here for my grandchildren and great grand children to enjoy.  - Sally M. West Kootenays, BC

Hi, we had many pasta meals so far with the Kaslo Pasta. So good!!! And the family really likes it to, We don't feel so bloated after eating it, as we did with regular pasta  - Kristine.D Lake Country, BC

Yes, we received the order in good time and we do love your pasta! We have been treating ourselves to your pasta for several years buying it at the local grocery store. Having discovered that we can order larger quantities from you and save money we will certainly be doing that again!  - Stephen.H Sooke, BC

I'll be ordering from Texas. I can’t eat fructan, so regular pasta is a no-go. But your pasta is the first pasta in years I can eat that actually tastes great. I just love the product.  - Texas, USA

I too had all but given up on pasta, the results were always bloating, discomfort and of course the after wheat drowsiness. I saw this at the local grocer's, I do love my sourdough and had to try it. WOW, what a great texture, I used it with a tomato meat sauce, and as a salad with mayo dressing... it held up fabulous and I used up the 2 bags I bought in record time!  I have just ordered the 4 kg pack, and will be considering purchasing other Pastafermentata products in the future... the Kamut pasta has my interest next. Thank you for developing this product, and as an extra bonus it is a Canadian product made in BC.  - Mike K. Victoria, BC

I can't say enough great things about your pasta! I can't eat wheat pasta without having a bad sugar crash a short time later, your pasta has enabled me to enjoy my favorite dishes again. I tell everyone I know to buy it!!! Thanks for making such a FABULOUS product!!!  - Shannon B. Kelowna, BC

Finally -- a pasta I can eat!  I am very gluten sensitive and before you came along I was sad. Now I am happy! You guys literally gave me back my gorgeous plate of spaghetti & meatballs. Your spaghetti and linguini is second to none in flavour.  - Jacki H. Port Alberni, BC

We absolutely LOVE the sourdough pasta we ordered. We're so happy to have found your products and have recommended the pasta to other family members and friends. The pasta makes every dish taste so much better. Instead of being a simple add-on it is a highlight.. enhancing sauces, soups, veggie stir fry's. It is also easy to digest. We're so happy the product is Canadian too. Thank you for the quality, delivery and overall customer service. We'll be ordering again!  - Melanie.M Caledon, ON

I am very reactive and sensitive to any gluten cross contamination and get quite sick if exposed. I have been enjoying sourdough bread (in moderation) for several years now and was curious about the Kaslo pasta. I bought a bag of the quinoa rotini about a year ago and just recently mustered the courage to give it a try. I am so happy to report that I have no problem with it! Not only do I not have a problem digesting it, but I feel much better after eating than I do after eating GF pasta. No heaviness! It is delicious and has such a great texture! Thank you for such a great product.  - Joanne L. Varennes, QC

Wow. I'm just going to say. I just had the best pasta dish in a long time. I used your sourdough pasta... and it was delicious. I mean my special sauce is pretty fantastic but the pasta was on spot.  - Glen B. Saskatchewan

Thanks for making this product. I have IBS, am lactose intolerant and gluten sensitive. I haven't been able to enjoy pasta for quite a while. Your product has brought pasta back to my table and I'm so grateful! Kudos!!!  - James M.

I'm addicted. I haven't touched pasta in years because of my intolerance. I have shared your magic bag with many friends who will be coming your way!  - Kara L. Calgary, AB

I am a foods teacher in the high school and I am taking time out of a beautiful summer evening to say Bravo!! The pasta is just the best and it cooks so great. I love the shape you choose and it tastes even better as left overs. The pasta holds it shape and texture just perfectly. Thank you for developing this and I love the packaging as well.  - Cathy G. Vancouver, BC

Thank you very much Tania and all your gang! My big box of your pasta has arrived on Pender Island, now I feel secure for the winter . We have a farm, and so are fortunate enough to be able to stash lots and lots of our own food for the winter, as well as grinding organic grains for bread, etc...but pasta was a problem - until I found you! ... I have told almost everyone that I come across what a wonderful product you are making. Even my good friend who is 'glucose intolerant' is eating it with great pleasure, and no bad effects.  - Susan T. Pender Island, BC

The order came within a couple of days----quick service! This is the second big order we have placed with you. We love having the pasta on hand. In our order, we also got the spaghetti and linguini this time in addition to the radiatori and rotini.We love how easy the pasta is on our digestive systems. Thank you for making such a great product!  - Margo.R Okanagan Falls, BC

I ordered 12 packages of spaghetti in December and you included a free sample of the hemp spaghetti. This is, hands down, The Best pasta that I’ve had. We are spaghetti lovers in our house and the kids and I just love it. The purchase price compared to store bought pasta seemed high at first but I find that the sourdough pasta lasts a lot longer because less of it fills us up, therefore, there is a lot of value. I confess that I haven’t tried the hemp spaghetti yet, simply because I am enjoying the classic sourdough pasta so much!  - Chris P. Calgary, AB

You guys are doing a great thing! I try my best to keep grains out of my home. It's hard being fully paleo in this day and age. However, your pastas have been the best compromise I could make. I can have grains without feeling bad about it and no more stomach aches after eating pasta! Thank you!  - Tessa B. Edmonton, AB

I just placed another order and wanted to mention how much I like your Pasta. My girlfriend is gluten intolerant and recently discovered that she could have gluten as long as it's been fermented by sourdough. As a huge pasta lover it was great news to me that these pastas exist and she could actually eat them with no negative side effects.   - Guillaume.F Montreal, QC

My family loves Kaslo's Sourdough Pasta. It cooks perfectly every time. It does not leave you feeling bloated or tired. Whether you put sauce on it or butter and seasoning, it is delicious. You have to give this pasta a try. You will not be disappointed.  - Barb P. Cochrane, AB

I'm texting my neighbour... she prepared [dinner] and she introduced me to your products. I'm so glad. I've never enjoyed pasta until I tried yours.  - Wayne H. Vernon, BC

This product rocks! The sourdough culture makes this pasta edible for wheat sensitive people and the short cooking time allows for quick and easy prep as well as less Energy use if you are camping etc. in addition this product has exp dates of 3 Yrs and I presume it could store even longer. Great long term back up food source that is non GMO!  - Jason Banff, AB

I have a wheat allergy but after seeing you at the Nutter's store in Airdrie, AB I needed to take the chance. Now when I ordinarily eat anything with wheat in the ingredients, I get all the unfortunate GI related reactions, a fever, headache and massive bloating and discomfort. Land night I had Kaslo's Classic Radiatori Sourdough Pasta with no symptoms! Thank you to the Kaslo Sourdough Team!   - Bailey J. Airdrie, AB

Very impressed with these products. Super tasty and I definitely don't feel the same bloated, heaviness after eating them that I do when I eat regular pastas. Five Stars!!!  - Anthony Red Deer, AB

I was raised by a Italian mother that quite often made her own pasta from scratch so needless to say I’m pretty picky and I can tell you that this brand rocks. I know that if my mom was here today she would definitely approve!  - Brenda M. Courtney, BC

I love the taste of the hemp! High in fibre, iron and protein. Just what my body needs!  - Valerie Calgary, AB

We love Kaslo Sourdough bread and pasta products. I am sensitive to gluten but consuming Kaslo products does not bother me. My boyfriend is diabetic. Eating Kaslo bread or pastas, does not spike his blood sugar like other regular breads and pastas in the market. While sourdough is a while bread, it is low on the glycemic index (GI) which means it releases its sugars more slowly. Based on my experience Kaslo products are an excellent and favorable option for diabetics and any people like me with gluten sensitivity.  - Aryan Calgary, AB

I gave up eating pasta many years ago due to the reaction I would have. I LOVE pasta and was thrilled when visiting family in Kaslo I came across your products. I gave them a try and have been cooking up great pasta dinners! Thank you for such an amazing, delicious treat!  - Terry F. Edmonton, AB

I am very impressed with the taste and texture! I love pasta but often avoid it due to the bloating and overall sick feeling afterwards, but since I’ve found Kaslo Sourdough Pasta I can honestly say I enjoy pasta again! It cooked perfect, quick and even tastes just as good reheated the next day. I’ve been spreading the word about your delicious and healthy pasta all over Weyburn!!  - Jodi J. Weyburn, SK

I am a pasta junky. There really is no better way to put it. I am very skeptical of any pasta that isn't completely traditional. In doing some research into sourdough, it only made sense that I give this pasta a try. And whoa, it is exactly what I have been looking for! Texture, flavor, everything hits perfectly. I actually like it much better than any traditional pasta out there. Way to go Kaslo Sourdough!! I will only use this from now on, and my 4 year old son loves it too!!  - Geoff H. Canmore, AB

If pasta is a part of your diet, Kaslo's sourdough pasta must be given a try. The essential sourdough process, the short cooking time, good quality ingredients and lots of love creates a perfect, al-dente pasta to be loved by all!  - Vahag B. North Vancouver, BC

I have never been big on pasta as it always seems to leave me feeling bloated and lethargic afterwards.  I tried Kaslo Sourdough Pasta for the first time last weekend and not only was the texture and taste far superior to regular pasta, but I didn't feel bloated and tired after eating.  I've finally found a pasta that agrees with me!  Thank you for the great pasta!  - Eli F. Grande Prairie, AB

Semolina and whole wheat was completely unexpected. We had tried many other pastas and whole wheat was always chewy and not too pleasurable. Decided to give your brand a try as we saw it in the new Save On Foods in Penticton and it ROCKED! Cooked to perfection in just 6 minutes and had the perfect texture. THANK you for developing a beautiful product. We get to eat pasta again 🙂  - Raina L. Penticton, BC

We have changed our household diet to the Sourdough pasta products. Our little girl had been having dietary problems with regular wheat pastas. When we tried this, the symptoms went away immediately and she loves it! For us, the value of a child that can eat without pain or discomfort is worth any price. Thank you for producing such a great product and please keep it up!  - Kevin S. Red Deer, AB

Having been in the service industry for years, consumed loads of pasta this is by far the best ever.  - Ian Y. Edmonton, AB

I just wanted to thank you for the personal touch you made when I ordered your pasta. For the first time in forever, I was able to eat a bowl of pasta and not have gut issues! You've got a customer for life. Thank you!!  - Shannon E. Victoria, BC

As someone who avoided gluten for many years and just recently started enjoying sourdough again, this product is a very welcome addition to our pantry. Thanks again!  - Michael B. Chicago IL, USA

We received your pasta yesterday… Thank you. We enjoyed it for dinner last night and guess what? My sons eczema didn't flare up!!!  But here's the best part… everyone in my family including my son said that it was the best pasta that they have ever eaten. We are now fans of yours!! Thank You!... we did receive the 3rd box. We already tried the spaghetti for the first time, and my boys said it's the best spaghetti they've ever eaten!!  - Anthony B. New York, USA

We really noticed a difference in the amount of bloating after eating pasta. The sourdough pasta is a definite improvement!   - Daphne B. London, ON

I'm glad I was able to order online and I'm very excited to try some different products! I have no desire to eat any other pasta now that I've tried Kaslo Brand.   - Sabrina B. Shilo, MB

I am gluten free and can tolerate your sourdough pastas. It tastes wonderful, and I am very happy to have found your products. Thank you!  - Ellen.R Auburn, NY

We absolutely love this pasta.  I have been gluten free for almost 2 years now, and I am able to tolerate this sourdough pasta with no issues, and the taste is incredible. I am so thrilled to be able to eat pasta once again!  - Dana D. Massachusetts, USA

Had this delivered to Kelowna. Showed up in 3 days packaged beautifully with a hand written thank you card that went a long way to be sure. Product itself was unique and so amazingly good. Easy click of a button to have a great product this fast! I will shop consistently.    - Cory S. Kelowna, BC

Arrived so quickly. A lot of care was taken to get this pasta to me. The pasta itself is really good too. I'll be ordering again.    - Manuel T. Nelson, BC

So I made spaghetti tonight and it’s sooooo good. The hemp is one of my favourites anywhere but this... is delicious! I was actually eating it just with butter out of the pot before adding sauce. You are definitely pasta geniuses!!!!! My daughter says “mom this is the best spaghetti ever and I’m not even pretending!” She also told me she was getting seconds after only one bite in! Your pasta has always been a big deal for her - she is gluten sensitive and doesn’t react to your pasta at all. And it’s so goood - better than regular pasta for sure - but the regular gluten free stuff we were trying to buy was terrible. This has been a game changer for us for sure!   - Becky A. Summerland, BC

Love it!! Absolutely no tummy problems! Great texture, even the leftovers are still very good. Definitely will order again. Thank you for making such a great product!  - Sue.P New Westminster, BC

I have IBD and your pasta is the only one I can eat and it is so good! Thank you so much for making sourdough pasta!  - Caitlan B.

I have tried so many pastas, even low-acid ones from Italy and ones made from heritage flour. I still always feel too full and uncomfortable and I also have allergic rhinitis in the morning. However….with the Kaslo Sourdough, what’s amazing is that all that is just “absent.” I am eating 300 grams at one time. Before this, I’d only eat 120grams of other pastas. And these were all expensive pastas from Italy. Customer service here is amazing. Immediate, helpful and friendly. I’ve enquired about different pastas taste and shapes. Italian macaroni is what we think of as penne! Who knew? They will soon have a picture of all their different pasta shapes. Once I got a case and the wrong shape was sent and they immediately responded and rectified it. Since I make sourdough bread and I used to live in San Francisco, where I first got used to sourdough, it makes me so happy to be eating sourdough pasta! I tell everyone I know about this pasta.  - E. A. Cincinnati OH, USA

You guys make the most delicious pasta and it doesn't weigh you down. Tastes better than regular pasta! Bravo!  - Hannah N. Gabriola Island, BC

I have been delighted to be able to purchase directly from a Canadian family business that has invested its expertise and love into creating a fermented (sourdough) pasta product that embraces alternative grains and age old health benefits and techniques of fermentation. The pasta is less reactive to a sensitive system, and cooks in a manner that is the same as quality Italian pasta. The toothsome quality and texture is perfect, never mushy or overly delicate as many alternative pastas can be fragile. The flavour is fantastic and there is no hint of sourdough flavour though admittedly I would be very interested if there was. I am so happy to be able to support such a business.  - James J. Toronto, ON

My family loves your pasta, especially the radiatori. We buy in bulk online - and we also love that your packaging is all recyclable. We did make the roasted feta/tomato recipe and also loved it. Another way to have it is to sautés some onions with sun-dried tomatoes, add in some artichokes, some feta cheese and a lot of fresh spinach until it wilts. You don’t need any sauce - just mix the cooked pasta in with it. You could change it up with different cheeses or also add in mushrooms. But the flavour of your pasta is just so great and I believe so much better for you than traditional pasta.  - Robin L. The Coast, BC

I absolutely love the pasta!! So far I've tried the classic and the amaranth, both are great. I gave the whole wheat one to a friend who says she loved it. My stomach seems to be able to digest the sourdough pasta a lot easier than regular past and that makes me very happy. I will continue to sample all the flavours, but I want to do it slowly so that I don't run out too fast.   - Sofie Sweden

I tried your pasta about a month ago from my daughter-in-law. I have issues with other pastas and allergies to eggs and nightshades so your product is great.   - Stacey

I tried your pasta about a month ago from my daughter-in-law. I have issues with other pastas and allergies to eggs and nightshades so your product is great.   - Diane British Columbia


Available Single Packages

  • Classic Sourdough Elbow Macaroni – NEW

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  • Spelt Sourdough Fusilli

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  • Classic Sourdough Linguine

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  • Classic Sourdough Spaghetti

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  • Classic Sourdough Radiatori

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  • Hemp Sourdough Rotini

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  • Classic Radiatori and Classic Spaghetti bulk

    Classic Rotini, Classic Elbow Macaroni – NEW

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  • Classic Radiatori and Classic Spaghetti bulk

    Classic Radiatori, Classic Elbow Macaroni – NEW

    2 x 2kglearn more
  • Classic Radiatori and Classic Spaghetti bulk

    Classic Elbow Macaroni 2 Pack – NEW

    2 x 2kglearn more
  • Classic Radiatori and Classic Spaghetti bulk

    Classic Macaroni 2 Pack

    2 x 2kglearn more
  • Classic Radiatori and Classic Spaghetti bulk

    Classic Linguine, Classic Spaghetti

    2 x 3kglearn more
  • Classic Radiatori and Classic Spaghetti bulk

    Classic Linguine 2 Pack

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  • Classic Radiatori and Classic Spaghetti bulk

    Classic Radiatori, Classic Spaghetti

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  • Classic Radiatori and Classic Spaghetti bulk

    Classic Spaghetti 2 Pack

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  • Classic Radiatori and Classic Spaghetti bulk

    Classic Radiatori, Classic Rotini

    2 x 2kglearn more
  • Classic Radiatori and Classic Spaghetti bulk

    Classic Rotini 2 Pack

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  • Classic Radiatori and Classic Spaghetti bulk

    Classic Radiatori 2 Pack

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