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Supporting Our Community

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Our Big Community

Kaslo Sourdough values our amazing community. The Kootenays are filled with people of many talents, and we are keen on supporting several of them. The following few clips show how we are actively participating in our community, engaging with local artists, musicians, and other professionals.

Kaslo Sourdough, Kaslo Search & Rescue Adventure/Training (2019)

We were excited to collaborate with the Kaslo Search and Rescue team. This spring, we joined them and sponsored their Winter Alpine Travel and Avalanche training.

Working with MIDAS, to bring Luigi to life (2017)

Using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, we now have several different Luigi’s that have come to life!  The printing was undertaken by Jason Taylor from the MIDAS Lab in Trail, BC. The 3D printing enables us to immortalize Luigi — we can print him in any size from 3 inches to 30 feet!

Luigi in Sculpture Form (2016)

Local puppeteer and artist Rose worked collaboratively with Silvio to build a sizeable bust of our mascot, Luigi. We scanned the mold and used it to help create the 3D Luigi mentioned above.

Introducing the Montezuma Aerial Tramline & Riding the High Wire (2016)

Our owner and sourdough pasta inventor Silvio, has a penchant for history. An avid hiker, Silvio discovered the remains of the Montezuma tram in 2015 and undertook a project to re-build the tram, salvaging the original components. This tram endured both forest fire and avalanche, and as a result had a very short lifespan in the early 1900s.

The mining company who commissioned the line went bankrupt and did not restore the tram to use after the avalanche. Silvio’s strong interest in the local history motivated him to rebuild the tram and preserve some of the story of the local landscape.

Riding the High Wire is a song co-composed and produced by Silvio in collaboration with local artist Sean Rodman (see bio below) and his band, Red Eyed Soul. It tells the story of a miner’s day of work, riding the high wire (the tram), trying to build a fortune from mining.

This video benefited from Louis Bockner’s production skills. Louis was born and raised in Argenta, BC (north of Kaslo). He has diplomas from the New York Institute of Photography and the Western Academy of Photography in professional photography, journalism, and photojournalism. He has spent several years working as a portrait and festival photographer in the West Kootenays with his business, Eye of the Mind.

Introducing Andrew Fry

Andrew Fry is a Graphic Designer & Video Artist based in Nelson, BC.

Following his creative inspiration to the mountains, he moved to the Kootenays in 2004, and has felt right at home ever since. Andrew graduated from the Digital Arts & New Media program at Selkirk College in 2014, and has since created several local design & video projects, including the first video in the Sourdough Trilogy, Sourdough Trail.

Introducing Cartoonist Gary Schneider

Gary Schneider has been a graphic artist since 1980 and has worked in many facets of design, illustration and advertising over the years. Calling Kaslo home since 2001, he loves the people, great outdoors, fresh air, and good food! Cartooning is one of his favourite activities, and he's thoroughly enjoying bringing 'Luigi' to life. These cartoons portray the Kootenay lifestyle.

Luigi is Kaslo Sourdough's Mascot and reflects our motto: play hard, eat hardy, in every respect.

©Kaslo Sourdough & Gary Schneider

©Kaslo Sourdough & Gary Schneider

©Kaslo Sourdough & Gary Schneider

Introducing Musician Sean Rodman and the Sourdough Trilogy

Sean Rodman has been living in the Kootenays for the majority of his life and discovered his passion for music early in life. He studied music at Selkirk College in Nelson, BC and upon graduating in 2007,
he has spent his time writing, performing and teaching guitar lessons in the Kootenay region. He loves the small town life and mountains both, topics that feature prominently in his music. He has spent a number of months perfecting The Sourdough Trilogy (© Kaslo Sourdough & Sean Rodman) - the story of the sourdough - and we hope that you enjoy!

Listen here.

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