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Product Questions

What is sourdough pasta?

Sourdough pasta is our unique product: we applied the ancient technology of natural sourdough fermentation to pasta-making, which results in a pasta that is easy to digest, nutritious, and very delicious! An added bonus: the structure of the pasta changes somewhat, so all of our pastas cook very quickly (5-6 minutes for al dente depending on the shape).

How are your pastas different from conventional pastas? 

Because we use a natural sourdough to ferment our pastas, there are several differences between our pastas and conventional pastas:

  • Health benefits: our pastas are nutritionally superior because the fermentation makes the nutrients more bioavailable (easier to absorb).
  • Digestibility: because of the natural sourdough fermentation process we use, our pastas are very easy to digest. They will not sit in your stomach, and will not leave you feeling bloated or lethargic. Instead, you’ll be cravings-free, and be energized for hours to come.
  • Flavour: the fermentation process brings out the flavour of our pastas so they taste great!
  • Cooking time: our pastas cook very fast: 5-6 minutes depending on the shape.

How many varieties do you make?

We produce 14 different varieties of pastas (please see our Pastas page.) We use durum semolina at the base of all our pastas, and pair that with a wide a variety of organic flours from different grains, including quinoa, hemp, spelt, buckwheat, organic wheat, kamut, barley, and amaranth. We choose these different grains because of their differences in nutritional benefits and flavours.

Where is the pasta made?

Our pastas are produced in Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada.

Do you pastas contain eggs?

No, all of our pastas are vegan.

Do you make a gluten-free pasta?

No, none of our pastas are 100% gluten-free. All of our pastas are made with Semolina Durum Flour and a specialty organic flour, because most importantly, the natural sourdough fermentation helps break down the gluten. This means that our pastas are very easy to digest: well-suited for folks who have gluten sensitivities or intolerances.

Do I need to refrigerate these pastas? 

No. All of our pastas are dried and do not need to be refrigerated. Please store in a cool dry place.

What is the shelf life of these pastas? 

The expiry date is printed on the top of the bag. If our pastas are stored in a cool dry place, our pastas will generally hold for about 2.5 years. We designed the bags so they are re-sealable; please close your bag properly each time after you make pasta to ensure maximum freshness.

Is your Packaging Recyclable?

While we first and foremost encourage our customers to re-use our sizeable and sturdy bags, yes, the plastic of our bags is recyclable. Look for a station that accepts Category 4 plastics.

Where can I buy your pastas?

We are available at a number of health and grocery stores across Western Canada. Please use our store locator to find the closest store to you.

If there is no store close to you, feel free to shop with us online, or recommend us to the manager of your favourite local store.

What is the cooking time?

The cooking time varies depending on the shape and flours used. The whole grain varieties take 1-2 minutes longer. Our radiatori cooks in 5 minutes, rotinis 5-6 minutes and macaroni 7-8 minutes.

Company Questions

Are you active on social media?

Yes! If you want to catch any of our posts, you can find us here:

Do you provide wholesale pricing for commercial accounts?

Yes we do! If you are interested in carrying our pastas, please send us an inquiry at

Where does Kaslo Sourdough ship to?

We currently ship across Canada and the USA.

I’m a blogger who loves to review products; who do I contact for samples?

We are always excited when a blogger reaches our to us to review our products! Please contact us at with an inquiry, telling us information about you and your blog.

Does Kaslo Sourdough only produce sourdough pasta?

No! Local to the West Kootenay region, you may encounter our famous sourdough breads! They are available at a variety of local health and grocery stores, including Save on Foods, Nelson Kootenay Co-op, Ferraro Foods in Trail and Rossland, New Market Foods in New Denver, Kootenay Market in Castlegar, and of course, several of our local favourites right in Kaslo: Cornucopia, Sunnyside Natural’s, and the Front Street Marketplace.

E-Store Questions

Can I order online? 

Yes, we have an online store! Check out all of our products here. 

How long does the order take to ship?

You can expect your order within 3-9 business days, depending on where you live. We process and ship orders out as quickly as possible.

Are there price savings for ordering larger volumes?

Yes, we have three different price structures and if you buy more than 3 packages at a time there are savings available.

If you're interested in combining an order with family and friends then be sure to contact us! If you can reach a minimum of 3 cases (36 packages) please email us at for a coupon code with additional savings.

Do you offer bulk?

Yes, we offer 2kg bulk packages in our top two sellers: the classic radiatori and classic rotini.

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