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Our Advocates

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At Kaslo Sourdough, we are lucky to work with several advocates - talented, passionate people who share our values for high quality foods, healthy recipes, and brilliant food ideas. Come meet them!

Our Phenomenal Chef: Renee Altman, RHN, BHKin

Renee’s love of food started at an early age as she remembers the aroma of her mother’s fresh baked goods in the morning. As a sporty kid throughout high school, her main interests were health and wellness. After finishing a human kinetics program at university, she decided to follow her passion for food and nutrition. She enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and became a holistic nutritionist.

Renee lives in Kelowna where she has her business, Verity Nutrition, and  creates healthy and delicious recipes. She is a fan of the idea of ditching the diet and switching to a lifestyle where incorporating nourishing food is easy, every day.

Renee is on of our amazing recipe-gurus! She applies her talents as a holistic nutritionista to design recipes with our many different kinds of pasta.

See our numerous delicious recipes here, if you haven’t already checked them out!

Our Advocate: Jamie Krause

Jamie Krause is also one of our company advocates. She's a multi-talented kitchen wizard who helps craft delicious recipes while also nurturing her passion for decor and interior design! She has her own blog and website, Jamie Krause Home and Living, from her home in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. Her posts focus on many themes: intentional living, mental health, home decor tutorials, and - you guessed it: recipes with our sourdough pastas.

Jamie Krause
Jamie Krause, one of the Kaslo Sourdough advocates

We feel really blessed to have a talent like Jamie on our team. She brings great ideas for recipes with our pasta together, and matches it with gorgeous food photography. If only we could eat the pictures... We're so grateful to Jamie for bringing her passion for great food to Kaslo Sourdough! You can find her recipes shared on our website and in our newsletters.

Brand Ambassador, Jeanette Martin

Jeanette Martin
Jeanette Martin, a Kaslo Sourdough advocate

Another of our advocates is Jeanette Martin! She puts her energy into working with companies to share their story and build connections on social media. That's one of her main roles as a Brand Ambassador.

She is often involved in her community with various non-profit and charity organizations. Jeanette loves bringing people and businesses (or people and people) together through collaboration to find success. And she also supports her local and global community. It's a core value in her company, MYBC Consulting.

Kaslo Sourdough and Jeanette have been working together since December 2019. She is a vital part of the team, and (when COVID is over), you'll once again find her in stores cooking up samples of our pastas. In the meantime, join her for  live cooking videos on Kaslo Sourdough's facebook page!

Kid Tested and Kid-Approved

Here’s a fun question:

Why do bees have sticky hair?
.... Because they use honey-combs!

At Kaslo Sourdough, family is one of our core values. We truly love to share time together at the table over a great dish.

Sofie is the first of our third generation, and she has tested all of our pastas. And seeing how much she loves ALL of them, we’re marking our pastas as kid tested and kid-approved! (Though don’t rely on just her judgment: we often hear from other kids' parents that are thrilled they have a pasta their kids love, too!).

Heading home after a long day at Oma’s with her favourite pasta.
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