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Sourdough Songs

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Kaslo Sourdough Adventures: A Trip to the Top of Mt. Loki

First trip in the snow for 2019, powered by Kaslo Sourdough's Pasta Fermentata.

Introducing the Montezuma Aerial Tramline & Riding the High Wire (2016)

Our owner and sourdough pasta inventor Silvio, has a penchant for history. An avid hiker, Silvio discovered the remains of the Montezuma tram in 2015 and undertook a project to re-build the tram, salvaging the original components. This tram endured both forest fire and avalanche, and as a result had a very short lifespan in the early 1900s.

The mining company who commissioned the line went bankrupt and did not restore the tram to use after the avalanche. Silvio’s strong interest in the local history motivated him to rebuild the tram and preserve some of the story of the local landscape.

Riding the High Wire is a song co-composed and produced by Silvio in collaboration with local artist Sean Rodman (see bio below) and his band, Red Eyed Soul. It tells the story of a miner’s day of work, riding the high wire (the tram), trying to build a fortune from mining.

This video benefited from Louis Bockner’s production skills. Louis was born and raised in Argenta, BC (north of Kaslo). He has diplomas from the New York Institute of Photography and the Western Academy of Photography in professional photography, journalism, and photojournalism. He has spent several years working as a portrait and festival photographer in the West Kootenays with his business, Eye of the Mind.


The Sourdough Trilogy

These three songs were lovingly created by a combination of Sean Rodman and owner, Kaslo Sourdough Silvio Lettrari. We hope that you enjoy this story of the sourdough.

Song #1: The Sourdough Trail


I watched you rise above them all
When you planted seeds in the spring and harvested in fall
When wheat was, worth its weights in gold
You stored them through winter, and survived the cold

Well, I was there when you let your struggles go
Stopped searching for your food, your nourishment you'd grow
With the flour that you came to know
I became your bread and butter, I am your sourdough

So let it rise all night
Let it ferment into gold
You know history was right
To feed body and mind with this food for the soul

Well I was there when Pharaoh cracked the whips
I gave strength to all the slaves that built the pyramids
And I traveled the world, and I dined with them all
From the peasants by the fire to great kinds in their halls

I fuelled the Romans when they conquered all the land
The French Revolution hit so hard when I was in demand
And I sailed across the sea, to the new world there
And the wind across the prairies was the wind in my hair

So let it rise all night
Let it ferment into gold
If you want to eat right,
It's what took us this far, so the story is told

But I never was a valued as the gold that you would seek
Like the Yukon trail and the holy-grail the mind's of men are weak
When you found a way to cut down on the cost
With a quick rise bread that quickly spread and the legend was lost

And the years have come and gone,
And the dead breads of today, are treating us all wrong
When you turned your back on the ways of the past
The problems, are gonna catch up with you fast

So let it rise all night
Let it ferment into gold
Where the future is bright
We've learned from the past, now the secrets unfold

Long live, the sourdough
Long life, to those who know
Like wheat kinds, from long ago,
Long live, the sourdough


Song #2: Sourdough Culture

Song#3: I am a Kaslo Sourdough


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