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In the 3R’s of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, “reuse” comes second. If you’ve already bought one of our bags of delicious pastas, then in addition to several tasty meals, you are in possession of an item that you can easily re-use! Of course, you can recycle our high quality bags as well, but we recommend extending each bag’s lifespan before it gets recycled. Are you wondering what you can do with it? Look no further for the five tips we have for you below!

1. Fresh Storage – Garden Goodies

Our high quality, food-grade plastic bags are just that – food grade! Once your pasta bag is empty, give it a quick turn upside down over the compost to get the last bits out, and re-use as is. You can easily fill your bag with peppers, raspberries, carrots, salads and any other variety of goodies from the garden or your local farmer’s market. Place into the bottom of your fridge and enjoy fresh veggies for a week or so.

2. Freezer Bag – fruits, veggies, waffles, cookies, you name it!

Do as Heike did this past summer – visit a local U-Pick and fill a bucket or two with fresh blueberries (or strawberries or raspberries)! These bags can handle any juicy mess you throw into them. In necessary, rinse your berries when you’re home, and then transfer to one of our bags to tuck in to the freezer and enjoy in the wintry months when blueberries are harder to find! The high quality plastic means your berries will keep well in the freezer!

In addition, we’ve also discovered that the size of the bags line up perfectly with the extra 4-6 set-of-two waffles that we make when we make fresh waffles. Slide them in and into the freezer for whenever you want to toast up some and don’t have the time to stir things together fresh!

3. Weekly cookie (or muffin) bag

This one deserves its own category, because it’s one of the top ways that Heike uses the bag. Heike inherited our family’s penchant for baking, though these days she often turns it into the sweet confectionaries – cookies, cookies, and more cookies. Or muffins. Lots of muffins, too. She sends friends home with a dozen or keeps a fresh dozen on the counter or in the fridge for easy eating during the week.

4. General storage – toys, knickknacks

If you have a family member like we do, they have such a collection of cute, kitschy toys and figurines and knickknacks that can’t all be displayed at once! Or, you know, they’re only meant to be out for one season at a time. We’ve collected the extras in one of the sturdy sourdough pasta bags and have tucked them away until we want to refresh some of the accent items in our home.

5. Your own crafty ideas!

Beads, stickers, strips of paper or cloth, sewing supplies… You could inflate with air and seal to tuck in around precious cargo you want to mail in a box, transporting shoes when you travel, tucked into your suitcase – you can almost certainly re-purpose our sourdough bags to help keep your almost anything organized, contained, or cushioned! All you need is a bit of creativity.

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