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It’s been just over six months since we launched our newest noodle shape, the sourdough spaghetti, and it’s been really popular! This shouldn’t surprise us – some of you have consistently asked us for a sourdough spaghetti since we started making sourdough pastas over eight years ago, but please know that we are full of gratitude for the enthusiasm that all of you pasta lovers out there have shared with us over the past six months.

Sourdough Spaghetti Photo

We absolutely glow when we hear about how your kid asks for seconds before even finishing their first plate, or how you’ve made a gift of one of our bags of pasta to an out-of-town friend who was visiting. These kinds of stories fill us with warm fuzzies and help affirm that we’re in the right business: we love making good food for good people, and we absolutely love how food brings people together. Silvio and Gabi Lettrari, the partners at the head of our company, have recently agreed: “It’s been rewarding to see the changes with our focus on sourdough pasta grow and help bring people together. Food is never just food: it’s culture, it’s people, it’s history. We’re really happy to be making history here in B.C.!”

So please read this blog post as a gratitude letter from us to you: it’s a big thank you to each of you who were quick to say, “So when are you going to make a sourdough spaghetti?” As we know you know, spaghetti is spaghetti! Sometimes, the pasta shape really IS important for the dish!

For small companies like us, a little extra help goes a long way. We were excited to apply for and successfully receive funding from the governments of Canada and B.C. through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership under the Agri-Innovation Program, which was designed to strengthen and grow Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector. As a food manufacturing company reliant on our high-quality Canadian grains and invested in supporting Canadian farmers, we fit right in. The funding from the Partnership supported the development of our sourdough spaghetti in the last year, and enabled us to make some big changes to make it happen: some new machinery, a COVID-19 Safety Plan and new training to keep all our staff safe, updating our production process, designing a new package, and planning for and launching the new spaghetti. And somewhere in there, our pasta family also grew (with Evelyn born in December 2020 and Ari born in April 2021!). We can honestly say it’s been an adventurous year!

We use our signature European-style sourdough in each batch of pasta, and you know that’s where some of our magic is: the sourdough culture ferments the pasta so that all of our varieties taste really great basically on their own! The European-style sourdough is different from the San Francisco style sourdoughs which are known for their “sour” flavour. In contrast, our sourdough brings out the flavour of the grains and seeds used in the pasta.

Having said all of that, sometimes, some of us need a little inspiration for what to make for the dinner pasta dish, so if you haven’t already tried out some of the fantastic recipes from our two smart recipe creators, Renee and Jamie, then have a wander over to our “Recipes” section for any of the Four Cheese Spaghetti, Vegan Tempeh Marinara Spaghetti, or the vibrant Red Beet Spaghetti.

Our spaghetti should now be available at most of the grocers that have our other varieties. If you haven’t seen it on the shelf yet, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do to get it there. Otherwise, you can always order directly from us through our online shop.

Thank you again for being such an important part of our pasta journey to this point. We feel really honoured that you continue to choose us to be a part of your pantries.

This image depicts the IAF, Canadian Agricultural Partnership, British Columbia, and Government of Canada logos.



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