Three Kaslo Businesses We Love

With this post, we thought we’d spotlight three Kaslo businesses that we love. As you know, Kaslo Sourdough has been operating out of our beautiful hometown, Kaslo BC for almost thirty years. While it isn’t always easy running a business in such a remote area, we feel getting to live and work . . . Click to read more!

A Little Bit About Kaslo

You’ve heard us say this before: Kaslo is an amazing town. We love it here. It’s an amazing place to raise a family. To adventure. Enjoy summer sunshine. Find work life balance and actually live it. Maintain a food production comp . . . Click to read more!

Sourdough September and Celebrating Real Sourdough

We are very excited to celebrate Sourdough September and real sourdoughs with the United Kingdom this year! We love that they're celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their campaign to recognize and spread the word about genuine sourdoughs. With this blog post, we'll also address a question that . . . Click to read more!

Supporting Local: Getting Pasta Places!

How do we get our pasta places? Good question. This is the third and final instalment of our three part series on bringing local home. In this third of three posts, we take a look at the local shipping and transport companies that help get our pastas to you! If you're reading this post, you've . . . Click to read more!

Blog Post: What's a Real Sourdough?

What's a real sourdough? How do you know? What do you need to look for? By the end of this short blog post, you will have the answers to all of these questions! We're picking up the thread that Jon Ungoed-Thomas started about six weeks ago with his article in The Guardian (April 23, 2022): " . . . Click to read more!

Supporting Local B.C. Businesses

This short series of blog posts sees us sharing some information about how we bring local home. In this second of three posts, we draw connections between the businesses you help support when you buy from us. This post shows how we keep dollars local to our community and province by describing sever . . . Click to read more!

Bringing Buy Local Home: Kaslo Sourdough

BC Buy Local and Kaslo Sourdough Suppliers.

We love being part of "buy local". As a small family business, the communities that we are a part of are very important to us. And the buy local community is one of them. Last month we put to . . . Click to read more!

Wheat Shortages: Price Increase Underway

You may know this already. There's no use beating around the bushel of wheat: we have a price increase underway. We're sure that like us, you've seen the headlines: inflation rising, prices going up, and the cost of food in Canada getting more expensive. Listening to a radio broadcaster yesterday, t . . . Click to read more!

New Pasta Alert: Sourdough Linguini

First, thank you to everyone who took part in the guessing contest for our newest pasta over the last week! We had so much fun looking at the guesses: everything from bowties to lasagna to pappardelle! Second, congratulations to the lucky two (whose names we're not revealing due to privacy, at this . . . Click to read more!

#BuyBC and Kaslo Sourdough

Buy BC and Kaslo Sourdough – a Summer 2021 Update! We are very happy to share some good news that we received at the end of May: Kaslo Sourdough was a successful applicant to the Buy BC Partnership Program, which is administered by the Agriculture Investme . . . Click to read more!